Campo pozzi e Potabilizzatore Teulada


Race n. 1/2012 relating to the works
  maintenance and management of water treatment, lifting and pressurization plants for the year 2012/2013 (period: 01/07/2012 – 30/06/2013). Location “Pisano” Barracks Teulada (CA). CIG No. 4070077DC.


  • year: 2012


Potabilizzatore S.Vito


Service for one year of conduction, surveillance, control, routine maintenance of the San Vito drinking water treatment plant, located in the San Vito Municipality (CA), included in the interventions envisaged in the implementation and testing of an aging section for the adaptation of the process chain of San Vito drinking water plant – OP ERDF 2007/2013 Axis IV – Operational objective 4.1.5 – action line 4.1.5.b – Intervention to enhance the functionality of the supply system of the Basso Flumendosa system – Picocca (tender No. 68AS / 2012). CIG 4578719E6F – CUP I38D11000080006.

  • Commissioned: ENAS SPA

  • Year:




The purification plant of Trapani has a potential of 118,500 EQUIVALENT INHABITANTS, treats about 19-22,000 cubic meters of mixed waste per day.

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